Experienced Mack Truck Repair in Norfolk, NE

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Mack Trucks, including the Pinnacle, Granite, TerraPro, and Titan, are built for the longest hauls, worst road conditions, and toughest jobs. While undeniably powerful, Mack Trucks are also light and fuel-efficient, which works to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Likewise, our technicians work to minimize downtime and maximize your productivity by providing efficient repairs.

For Mack Truck owners and operators in the Norfolk area, Pinkelman Truck & Trailer offers quality workmanship with confidence and integrity. Whether we’re providing ongoing fleet service or an isolated mobile repair, our goal is to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our technicians receive continuous training to stay on the cutting edge of advancements in Mack Truck manufacturing, while simultaneously working to keep the trucks we service on the road as long as possible.

We realize that in the Norfolk area you have choices when it comes to selecting a truck repair and maintenance facility for your Mack Truck. One of the first ways to sort through your options is to separate the dealerships from the independent truck shops. As a local truck shop, we work hard to compete with the Mack Truck dealerships in Norfolk. To do this, we strive for consistently stellar results, quick turnaround, excellent value, and 100% customer satisfaction. After all, we’re the underdog, and we’ve got to work that much harder to prove our worth.

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