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 Pinkelman Truck & Trailer, truck and trailer repair in Norfolk NE
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Luke Pinkelman - Owner

Luke Pinkelman at  Pinkelman Truck & Trailer, truck and trailer repair in Norfolk NE

Amber Pinkelman - Owner

Amber Pinkelman at  Pinkelman Truck & Trailer, truck and trailer repair in Norfolk NE

Pinkelman Truck & Trailer specializes in servicing big trucks, while emphasizing small town values like honesty, trust, and hard work. Luke Pinkelman opened his family–owned and operated shop in June of 2010 when he was given the opportunity to care of a small fleet and also take care of his own customers. When he agreed to undertake this responsibility, he was also working fulltime at D&D industries. For a year, he burnt the candle at both ends, until he accepted that he could not take care of his customers the way he wanted unless he focused only on his shop.

In June 2011, Luke took the business head–on, buying a wheel polishing machine and picking up detailing work. As business grew, he began hiring employees including service advisors and technicians. Luke realized his dream when he opened his own business. He takes great pride in giving his children a place to learn the meaning of work and why it is important, and in providing reliable service with a family–friendly atmosphere to semi drivers and owners in the Norfolk area.

In early 2010, I was helping a friend in the shop that is mine now. I would just stop in after work at my full–time job and help with anything he needed. If friends of mine asked me to do any work for them, I would take care of it at my buddy’s shop. Eventually, my friend had to leave the shop, and soon, my customers were asking me what I planned to do once the shop closed. But fate intervened, and the landowner asked me to take over all the work in the shop. I agreed as long as I could keep my customers and my full–time job. With this arrangement of working nights and weekends, usually logging anywhere from 80 to 120 hours a week, I took the first step toward owning my own business.

I opened the shop so I could pass on my abilities–to my customers, my coworkers, my children, and my community–the way I wanted. I take pride in giving my customers the great service they deserve. I love being able to teach people, sharing my knowledge and experience with my employees. I have the freedom to spend time with my family, and a place to share the joy of working with my kids. I am proud to give back to the community by creating jobs and providing a valuable service.

While time is money, I believe that quality is gold. In my opinion, work should be done right first and fast second–quality outweighs speed every time.

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